The Essential Hiking Clothes You Need and Want

Hiking is fast becoming popular again. So now is the time to get back into nature, to travel and climb that mountain, walk that riverbed or follow that trail to the scenic cliff top you have always wanted to see. Here is a list of some of America's most magical hiking locations.

You may think that hiking clothes can just be a pair of pants, maybe a t-shirt, and some sneakers, but while they may do for the simpler trails, you should really choose your clothing to suit your ideal adventure. While looking good may be necessary to some, safety, comfort, and shelter from the elements should be your primary consideration when deciding what to wear.

In the last two years, due to the pandemic, getting out into nature was, in some places, the only way to safely get out of the house and out of the city to stretch your legs. Because of this, there are a lot more people hiking. The days of walking a trail and not seeing even one other person are definitely gone. You may consider adding a little style to your comfortable, safe hiking clothes. 

If you are the kind of woman who enjoys the outdoors but wants to look fabulous in suitable, comfortable, and flattering clothes, then we have your back, girl. We have gone hiking through our selection of sports clothes to recommend the perfect outfit for nearly every hiking situation you could imagine. 

You found the perfect hiking spot, and we have found the perfect outfit.

Warm Weather Hiking Clothes

Vitru  Zip Front High Impact Racerback Bra.
Vitru Low Waist Lined Sports Shorts.
Vitru Mesh Quick Dry Vest

Hiking in warm sunny conditions means wearing clothes that let you soak up some delicious vitamin D without overheating and allowing your skin to breathe.

The perfect outfit for summertime hiking should be a strong supportive sports bra to keep you feeling secure when climbing or jumping over obstacles on the trail. Make sure to consider the Vitru Zip Front High Impact Racerback Bra with the matching Vitru Sports Shorts which will allow you the freedom of movement to take up the challenges while staying cool in sweat-wicking, well-breathing clothing. Pair these with this quick dry vest; then, even if you are pushing hard and sweating in the sun, the quick dry tank top will dry so quickly you will be high AND dry in the best possible way. 

Outdoor Date or Photo Outfits that are Cute AND Functional

Vitru A-line Tennis Dress With Shorts.

If you go hiking near a waterfall, or cliff face, among the most beautiful sights in the world, and you didn't get a photo as proof, did you even go hiking?

Perhaps that nice guy you have seen at a few of your favorite nature spots has finally picked up on your vibe and asked you out on a date. Being outdoor nature lovers, you are, of course, it is hiking! Don't panic! We have found the cutest, most functional hiking essentials that will not hold you back from climbing that log to the perfect sunlit spot for a photo. While allowing you to express your feminine side and still be comfortable and safe on the Hiking Dating Trail.

Designed for fitness and outdoor adventure, this breathable A-line tennis dress will allow you to climb and jump with handy built-in shorts and a zip top to allow some extra air flow and reduce sweating. Available in three colors and perfect for photos or fun summer hiking dates, this tennis dress is a must-have for summer hiking essentials.

The Tennis Skirt You MUST HAVE for Hiking This Summer.

Vitru Pleated Tennis Skirt with Shorts.
Stylish Corset Inspired Sports Bra.

Yes, hiking skirts are a thing, perfect for complete freedom of movement and quick drying if a swimming opportunity arises during the Hike. Choose one to keep in your outdoor essentials kit. Then, you can simultaneously go on an adventure and look stylish on those hot days and dates. Everyone wins!

We love this range of tennis skirts that are pleated and flowy, soft and stretchy, will wick away the sweat, and quickly dry in the sun without that uncomfortable thigh sweat showing on extra hot days. Our favorite is this Pleated skirt with inbuilt shorts and a hidden pocket, light enough to not attract the hot sun but colored enough to hide dirt or hiking mud that might get on them.

Pair it with any of these supportive corset-inspired sports bras, and you will have nothing stopping you from swimming to jumping. You will be protected and comfortable and have complete freedom to take on the most challenging trail out there.

The Seriously Hiking Challenge No Fuss Fit Wear

Vitro Mesh Hooded Tank Top
Vitro Thermal Leggings.
Vitro Strong Support Zip Front Sports Bra.

When it's all about adventure, complete comfort, and support in a harsh environment, we have the sets you can put on, set and forget and get on with it. Designed for maximum sun and environmental protection, with colors to protect from stains, thick material to protect from insects, and support to keep you going when the burn starts.

Keeping the sun and bugs off in some areas is of paramount importance for your health, and we know how to keep you cool and safe from bites and becoming the bugs' breakfast. Start with this hooded mesh tank top that allows complete airflow, with the mesh protecting from bugs and keeping you cool. Pair with a matching set. We love the Thermal Full Length Leggings paired with the Strong support zip front sports bra.

Complete that Hiking challenge protected and in style.

The Seriously Hiking Challenge No Fuss Fit Wear

Vitru Knitted Sports Pants.
Vitru Tailored Zipped Hoodie.

Some of the best and most majestic sights in the world require a hike that is best completed in winter. The magic and wonder of a cold crisp morning hike, with the dew in the grass and the drips from the leaves around you, cannot be beaten but can be cold. Fortunately for you, we have found the perfect hiking activewear to keep you warm without overheating as your exercise. Comfortable enough to be worn overnight in a swag or small tent so you can keep your luggage light for overnight stays.

Check out the soft texture these knitted sports pants will give you on a long walk or the comfort of sleeping. Soft enough to sleep in a while, being warm and supportive for hiking. Pair with this full-length tailored zipped hoodie for a full body cover and protection from a cool frosty wind.


These are just some favorite suggestions. Remember working hard does not mean you have to look like you are working hard. So keep your hiking activewear effortless and get prepared for the upcoming season with these must-have essentials for hiking.