Which Sports Bra is The Right One For You?

Finding the Correct Sports Bra for you can be a real challenge. There is a lot to consider when you think about it. For example, what will you be doing? What level of support do you need, and will you need compression support, bounce support, or soft all-day comfort? 

Choosing the right sports bra for you and the occasion can be the difference between a productive and fun workout or a workout that gives you upper back or shoulder pain and irritability and leaves you constantly tugging at your bra.

Nothing is worse than having an unsupportive bra causing you to feel self-conscious at the gym when you are working out or like your bra is cutting off the circulation in your arms. Your body, your shape, and the level of support you need are the three things that should be at the front of your mind when choosing which sports bra to wear. 

Choosing A Sports Bra For Lounging Or Everyday Wear

When choosing an every day or lounging sports bra, you generally won't be wearing it to work out, so you don't need to consider if it is super breathable or air-wicking. You only need general support, so soft elastic material is the winner. Of course, if you are wearing it under a t-shirt, light padding and flat material may have to be considered. Still, many women prefer to wear the soft elastic comfort of a sports bra every day over lingerie clasps and scratchy material. And they are onto something. 

And there is nothing quite as free and cool as a breathable, sweat-wicking sports bra to lounge around on a hot day.

So what are the three golden rules for an everyday Sports bra?

They should be supportive - you don't need harsh and restrictive underwires to have support in 2022. The unique weave, material, and supportive elastic properties are enough for most women and sizes if a correctly fitted bra is worn.

Such as the Vutru Removable Cup Sports Bra. Similar to a traditional bra with cup supports, the back is without the difficulty of rear clasps, rough straps, and unforgiving back straps that create back rolls. Still low cut and strappy enough to be worn as a bra, with the extra under-breast coverage to be loungewear.

They Should be Cross Back or Front if you Have Larger Breasts. - Lounger or Everyday Sports Bras for the Bigger Breasted ladies need cross front or rear straps to ensure complete comfort and support, even if you are just laying on the lounge binging your favorite Netflicks Series. You can still enjoy the gentle caress of soft, stretchy material, but ensure that you are cradled and supported to avoid upper backache and chest pain.

Such as the Vutru Criss Cross Back Yoga Bra. Gentle support with the extra padded chest, this cross-back bra is soft et supportive with the extra support of six crossed-over straps to evenly distribute the support to alleviate pressure on the back. Perfect for wearing every day and when relaxing at home while not compromising on super supportive style.

Should be Versatile to Fit Your Everyday Wardrobe Spoilt yourself with the all-way stretch of a sports bra under your office clothes or lazy t-shirt without losing out on feeling feminine. With a lower cut, less coverage, and only needing low support, they are the best way to stay comfortable and avoid that "rip your bra off" feeling when you get home after a long day.

Try the various colors in the Vutru Mesh back Yoga Sports Bra under your clothes to feel stylish yet comfortable while running errands or heading to a meeting.

Choosing a Sports Bra for Medium Support that Suit You

There are a few reasons you might need a medium support bra. First, you may need a collection of sports bras to wear to your regular Yoga or Gym Sessions. Maybe you are a larger-chested woman who practices gentle exercises but needs that extra support and coverage to focus on your flow, not on a spillage or the ache of under support during medium-level exercise.

Consider the Vutru Cross Straps Bra with the double layered support, thicker rear straps that cross over, and the clasp, it comes close to a heavy support bra, but the low cut and sift material allows some movement and bounce without compromising on support. For the Larger breasted ladies, this will support you for Yoga or Pilates, but tennis or running will require a high-impact bra.

Mix your collection up with the Vutru Racerback Workout Sports Bra. With the racerback providing a four-way support system over the shoulders and across the back, the weight is evenly distributed, eliminating the painful pull on the shoulder. In addition, the weave in the front provides material support around the breast tissue without adding thicker or tighter material but cradling and compressing the tissue just enough to provide support without feeling constricted.

High Support Sports Bras Essential for All Shapes and Sizes.

High Support Bras are not for long-term wear. They are for wearing while you are doing high-impact activities and removed afterward. The high compression and strapping support can cause tension in the shoulders and back if worn for a full day, so you need a collection of these bras for short-term bang for your buck, then slip into a lounger or low-impact bra for the rest of the day. Although they are high support, they should not cause discomfort while in use, so keep that in mind you are not binding your chest. You are supporting it. 

The Vutru High Impact Zip Front Racer Bra leaves no room for over-bounce or slippage with the high-cut zip front that, when fully closed, has compression that will give you the confidence to play tennis or high-impact zoomba. Go hard or go home in the safe, compact bra that keeps your head in the game with no wardrobe malfunctions.

If you are a girl that loves running and Roomba or cross fit but still want the confidence of a compression bra, evenly spread support, and comfort, the Vutru Seamless High Impact Sports Bra will give most cup sizes the ability to be comfortable in all settings with the seamless weave support that holds you in place while still giving you unrestricted movement. So have the best of all worlds with gentle comfort but firm support and smash those gym goals in style.

With just a small selection of the Vutru range mentioned, there is a sports bra to fit your needs, style, and occasion. Functional can be stylish, and size is not a restriction to wearing clothes that you love. 

Check out the entire Sports Bra range here and know that we have your back ..... and front sorted.