The Best Pants for Working Out

Comfortable headphones, sneakers, and substantial water will make your workout sessions more enticing. But do you know that the best pants will uplift not only your health but also your spirits?

These pants are built with patented technology that blocks the sun's harmful rays and can keep you cool in summer. The blog will cover the best workout pants for both genders and advise you on what to purchase for optimum results. Stick around.

The best workout pants for men

Men are obsessed with their bodies but only sometimes realize that wearing the right garment in their wardrobes will greatly influence how they look and feel.

People say that the best workout pants are functional. In other words, they're made to help you stay cool and look good despite a grueling workout session. We've taken into account these seven best workout pants for men.

1. Under Armour Men's Woven Vital Workout Pants

The Under Armour Men’s Vital Pants top our list of the best workout pants for men because of their durability and versatility nature. They are made of polyester making them strong enough to withstand wear and tear.

The material is suitable for daily wear and safeguards you from either wind or water elements. Also, the elastic waistband and mesh inside make it to breathe and move around.

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2. Rhone Spar Jogger

The nylon and lightweight fabric allows for perfect movement, and the best part is that it does not cling to your skin. The Rhone Spar Joggers are also durable, with a string drawstring fastening that increases the fit.

Those who like to jog in the evening will be glad to hear that these are the best workout pants for men because of their anti-fungal properties.

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3. Proof Trek Joggers

These hybrid joggers are made of a great combination of polyester and spandex and are one of the best workout pants for men who are always on the move. The Proof Joggers have a unique EDC-friendly design with deep pockets, perfect for hiking, jogging, and exercising. They can withstand strenuous activities, which mean quality and durability.

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4. Lululemon ABC jogger

If you like stretchy pants and have a big budget, then The Lululemon ABC jogging pants are an excellent choice. They are made of the best quality fabric and are highly functional.

The pants resist wrinkles and are on the go for multiple activities. They are comfy and will make you feel good.

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5. Adidas Men's Tiro '21 Pants

The polyester-made pants by Adidas are very comfortable and sturdy. Moreover, the pants are ideal for various activities as they are anti-microbial.

The Adidas men's tiro pants get softer with each washing. The fabric absorbs sweat well and keeps you cool during workouts.

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6. Nike Yoga Dri-Fit

The super soft Dri-Fit pants have a thin approach but retain their comfort. They are very light and have a sleek design. The pants will keep you cool as you hit the gym.

The Nike yoga pants will keep your body dry and are not baggy at the waist. They have flat seam lines to avoid bulging or sagging. The pants are ideal for both men and women.

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7. New Balance Men's Impact Run Woven Pants

The zippered hand pockets and multi-purpose features make these pants ideal for men looking to keep themselves fit and healthy. The New Balance pants are made of polyester, making them functional and fashionable.

You can be active while in these pants. They are light and easy to wash after your workout sessions.

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The best workout pants for women

The ladies take their bodies seriously and often wear clothes that enhance their beauty. The best workout pants for women need to be comfortable. Second, they should look nice and appropriate for women on the go.

Here are the best seven workout pants for women.

1. Airbrush Invisible String Thong

The Airbrush invisible string thong is a must-have for any fitness freak. The secret is that it is a compression garment with tight compression around the body. Wearing an airbrush thong will make you feel tighter and more toned.

It is not see-through when you put on your leggings or bikers. It does not release odor, and the excellent and soft fabric material is good for your skin.

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2. VINMEN Cinch Bottom Sweatpants for Women with Pockets

The cotton and elastic waistband of these sweatpants gives you support and comfort. The VINMEN top-quality product is ideal for the gym, jogging, and cycling. They are good to wear while running in hot weather conditions.They do not fade and keep you cool during the workouts. The best part is that they will curve out your legs' shape and grant you an amazing experience.

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3. Oalka Women's Joggers High Waist Yoga Pockets Sweatpants Sport Workout Pants

These joggers have ankle cuffs that fit perfectly. They are hipsters, so they will not go down when you exercise. The Oalka yoga pants are cotton and elastic, making them close and comfortable around the legs.

They are also breathable, so they will not make you sweat as your workout session approaches completion. They have pockets that allow you to keep your belongings in them during your runs or workouts in the gym.

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4. Icon High-Cut Thong

These panty thongs' breathable jersey-style fabric is pure cotton and spandex. They have a logo design at the waist and are pretty stretchy.

The Icon High-Cut thong is also lots and has an excellent design. They come in sizes between S to XL and are incontestably the best workout pants for women. The apparel's ideal cut, quality, and fit are worth the high amount.

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5. YoungCharm High Waist workout yoga pants

The non-see-through and four-way stretch fabric provides the best comfort. The pants are ideal for women who like to go running and exercise. They keep you warm and cozy when the temperature drops.

The YoungCharm pants give you a streamlined shape and make it easier to move around during exercises. They have a tiny waist pocket and deep pockets to hold your smartphone or keys.

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6. GRANKEE Women's Breathable Seamless Thong Panties

The seamless undies have excellent fabric that is comfortable on the skin and give you a feeling of support. The seamless thongs make it possible to wear various compression garments.

They are lightweight and do not get captured in your leggings. You can bend, sit or kneel without embarrassment as they will stay in place. The GRANKEE pants are the best workout pants for women because of their strength and moisture-wicking qualities.

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7. Under Armour Women's Pure Stretch Thong Multi-Pack

All female athletes that have used these thongs have enjoyed a smoother, more comfortable, and less chafing run. They have an excellent anti-static coating that enhances their durability.

The Under Armour sports panty wash well and can be worn for 300 washes. They are made of nylon and elastane material making them breathable and moisture-wicking. The laser cuts provide a more seamless workout experience.

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What to look for when buying workout pants

It would help if you felt confident and comfortable while shedding those extra pounds to manifest that dream body. Here are 12 factors to pay attention to before you buy your workout pants.

1. Style

Pick pants that enhance your body shape and make you look good. The best way to buy them is by looking at how they are cut and how they look when worn. That way, you will look attractive while working out and confident in your appearance.

You need a pair that accentuates your waist or your butt without leaving a bulge around the waist area. The best workout pants for women must also complement any gym or sportswear you wear while exercising.

2. Fabric

The right feel against your skin is very important. Ensure you feel at ease and not chafed while exercising. The pants must be breathable, moisture-wicking, and have enough space to expand when moving around. If you buy workout pants for yoga, make sure they can hold up well during your intense sessions. Elastane and nylon are the fabrics that you need.

3. Color

A lot of people buy workout pants for color patterns. The best colors are those that are dark and do not fade easily. If you are among those who sweat a lot, then you need to get anti-stain pants for active wear. The color should be as close to your skin tone as possible so it does not show when wearing undergarments with similar tones.

4. Size

The size of your workout pants is very important depending on the type of exercise you will be doing or have been doing if you already have some shorts in your wardrobe. If you want to buy some yoga workout pants, ensure you have a tape measure. 

Fit is very important and especially when it comes to the panty. The best way to find your size is by measuring the band of your underwear and adding 2 inches to that measurement. Wear that tape around your waist and add a couple of inches for comfort.

5. Waistband

The waistband should fit snugly on the body but not too tight to prevent sweating or to rub on your skin while exercising or running. It should be wide enough at the top to let in air, so you do not feel restricted or suffocated while working out.

6. Leg length

The best workout pants for women must have a good length of fabric that covers your legs but does not restrict movement or cause chafing issues. If you are short, you can opt for the capri-length panty that will slim down your figure.

7. Seam quality

Look out for reinforced and double-stitched seams to make them more durable and strong enough to last longer. The seam should not be visible so that it does not distract while exercising in front of others.

8. Purpose

Think about the purpose you want your workout pants. If you desire stretching and toning, the workout pants will be too tight and hinder your ability to move well. With that said, if wearing snug-fit pants is most comfortable for you and not causing any chafing issues or discomfort, go ahead and buy them.

9. Versatility and comfort

Ensure you feel comfortable while exercising and can move freely. You need pants worn with any other workout or regular clothing. Ensure they complement your body shape and do not make you look like a stuffed sausage.

10. Performance/Durability

You want to buy workout pants that can last for a long time, so make sure the fabric is good quality with strong stitching, double stitched seams, and is anti-static, so it does not pick up lint easily or end easily up in the laundry basket after a few washes.

11. Price

The price should not be the determining factor when buying workout pants. The price will be a deciding factor when buying multiple pairs, as you may opt for cheaper ones. Consider your budget, but if the quality is good, spending more on workout pants is okay.

12. Added features

The added features need to be functional and not more for the look. Some of the added features include:

◆ Thong or brief
The thongs are great for vigorous exercises such as circuit training, aerobics, and running. They do not show under leggings. The briefs are more like sweatpants and provide more coverage, but they also cover your legs when performing squats and lunges.

◆ Side pockets with zippers or without zippers
The pockets are great additions to your workout pants and their functionality while exercising. They can hold small items you may want close by when working out.


The best workout pants for men and women should be comfortable, allow you to move freely, and accentuate your body shape. These are some of the things you need to look for when buying them to end up with a great pair of pants. The content above has sorted you out.